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Monthly Archives: August 2016

DIY Bead Curtains for Your Door

beaded curtains for doorsBeaded door curtains are perfect for keeping out the flies in the summer, adding a new texture and design element to a room, or offering a feeling of privacy without having to install a door. Whether you want simple or elaborate beaded curtains, use this guide to make your own for any door in your house.

# Decide on Placement and Design

Decide where you want your curtains to go. These curtains would work well for a child’s bedroom, or as a patio screen to help keep bugs out during the summer. Keep in mind that where you will place them will help determine how long and wide you will need to make them. In addition, decide on whether you want a specific design, or if you want to freehand your curtain. Consider planning out your design out on graphing paper.

# Create a Rod

Next, measure the door width. Use a saw to cut a wooden rod to fit the door width, or have someone cut the rod for you.

# Cut the Nylon or Rope

Next, measure the length of the doorway. Add about 6 inches to this measurement to allow for knotting and hanging the curtain. Then, measure out nylon or rope to this measurement and cut it. Decide on how dense you want your curtain to be, and how many lengths of string you will need, and cut them to size. The more nylon or rope used, the fuller the curtain will be.

# Attach the Nylon or Rope to the Rod

Next, add cup hooks to the bottom side of the wooden rod. Knot the nylon to the hooks. Once you’re done, take one strand of the nylon, and pull it to one side, making sure that none of the other strands get tangled in the process.

# Add Beads

When picking the beads for your curtain, try to choose lightweight beads. Start beading the strand of nylon until you get to the last four beads. Here, re-thread the nylon or rope back through each bead, to keep them firmly in place. Knot the last one well. Once the first strand is finished, pull the next one aside and repeat the process until you’ve beaded all strands.

# Hang the Curtain

Hang the beaded curtain rod parallel to the ground. You can hang the rod in any way you wish, as long as it is secure. Try drilling the wood directly to the door frame, or, for a less permanent installation, install hanging hooks and string to hang the rod and curtain from. For a different feel and more privacy, try hanging a cafe curtain, instead.

Pick The Proper Window Treatments

Window treatments can really add to a space, but with so many options it can be difficult to decide exactly what to put on and around your windows. Some treatments are functional, such as to manage lighting, while others are mostly decorative. Check out the tips below and the pros and cons of a few types of window treatments to help you make the best decisions for your personal space.

 Horizontal Blinds

Great for small windows around the house, horizontal blinds will block out a large fraction of light and heat coming in through your windows. They can be used on larger windows as well, but due to the small pieces they’re made of, cleaning horizontal blinds can be a project once the dust settles. Horizontal blinds, much like the vertical ones, can be ordered in bright colors or in wood, which can add character to a space but costs substantially more than the cream or white vinyl selections. Measure your windows before purchasing horizontal blinds, as they can be ordered to fit your windows exactly.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are super practical for sliding glass doors or very tall windows. They can be cut to any size, are easy to clean, and tend to last a long time. However, they can break easily if you have children or rambunctious pets. Pushing or pulling on them too hard will pull them right off of the small hooks, or tear the blind altogether. While easy enough to repair or replace, they are irritating if they break. Vertical blinds can be ordered in a variety of colors (at least in vinyl) but are typically cream or white colors, which don’t do much for the décor of a room. Wooden ones are also available, but cost a pretty penny more than vinyl.


Typically, valances are hung on rods at the tops of windows with amazing lighting and views. Valances can be really beautiful on large windows that have just the right amount of light coming in during the course of the day. Brightly-colored valances can add a nice pop of color to the room, drawing your eyes to windows you want to accentuate. Simple valances can add a touch of elegance.


Typically for decoration, curtains can come in just about any color, size, or length. They can simply be hung on a curtain rod which is mounted above the window, or they can be swooped to the side and tied back with pretty ropes. Some folks have gotten really fancy with their curtains by wrapping them around the curtain rod to create pretty little swoops and bumps with the fabric before hanging it down each side of the window. A benefit of choosing curtains over other window treatments is that they’re easy to clean. You simply take them off the curtain rod and wash them in the washing machine, as long as the fabric is not a super delicate.

Blackout Curtains

Managing the light that comes through windows in your home or getting rid of it altogether can be difficult, especially if you live somewhere bright and sunny. Blackout curtains, while they come in a variety of colors, aren’t designed to add too much pizazz to a room. They serve a mostly singular purpose: to block out the light completely. Hang these curtains in your bedroom if you have trouble sleeping when the sun comes up, or if you work irregular hours. They literally stop much of the light from coming in through a window, and they block heat, cold, and substantial amounts of sound.


Take a few of the window treatments above and combine them for more options. Combine a valance with horizontal blinds if you have an amazing window that has strong light streaming in at certain times of the day, such as the sunrise or sunset. This way, you can close the blinds to block out the blinding light, but leave them open the rest of the day. Combine curtains and blinds for the same reason, especially if you would like to use the curtains primarily for decoration. Blinds also can be combined with curtains or valances to keep the neighbors from seeing in.

Adding Color To Your Home in Inexpensive Way

Create an Instagram Collage WallAs you begin spring cleaning around your house, those good intentions can easily turn into an urge to refresh and redecorate your space. The return of warmer weather and sunshine can really inspire you to add more color and personality to your home. It can be especially great to use colorful décor to reflect the beauty that is blooming outside during this time of year.

If you find yourself wanting—or needing—to brighten up your space, but you’re on a budget, don’t fret! There are plenty of simple ways to refresh your home with even the tightest of budgets to work with.

Create an Instagram Collage Wall

Printing out your favorite Instagram photos is a fun way to remember some of your favorite adventures. Keep it simple with a square display, or get whimsical with a heart-shaped Instagram collage.

Use some colorful washi tape and hang them in a place that you will see them every day. There are several services that allow you to print and ship direct to your door for pretty cheap. Otherwise, you can always print them out yourself!

Hang a Colorful Bird Feeder Outside Your Window

Spring is synonymous with the return of warmer weather and the sound of birds chirping outside your windows. A fun way to capitalize on that is to hang a colorful bird feeder in a tree or on a deck to attract more of your favorite birds to your morning ritual.

Tip: If you place it in a spot with nearby seating, this also makes for a really nice outdoor area to enjoy your morning coffee as the warmer weather descends into spring.

Add a Colorful Pillow Cover to Your Throw Pillows

Pillow covers are a quick and easy way to change up your décor, which means you can keep a variety of covers tucked away in your linen closet so that any time the mood strikes, you can swap them out. This saves space so that you don’t have to store a bunch of pillows, and you still get to enjoy all of the different styles and colors that inspire you all throughout spring and summer.

Print Your Favorite Quote and Hang on the Wall

We all have quotes that inspire and motivate us, so why not have them hanging in prominent places in our homes? You can get creative and use a variety of fonts and colors to really make them pop, or keep the text black and white and give a quick coat of bright spray paint to your frame. A can of spray paint will run you $3 to $6, and since it usually dries pretty quickly you will have your frame hanging up on the wall in no time.

Add A Colorful Towel to Your Kitchen

Inexpensive kitchen towels are a fun and playful way to add some character to your kitchen. Keeping a rainbow of colors on rotation between your kitchen and bathrooms all spring and summer long is a great way to brighten your mood and remind you of the beauty that awaits you during this warm and sunny season. This is a great example of both form and function, as science has proven that certain colors (think yellow!) really can boost your mood!

Display Your Most Colorful Books

Bringing your favorite colorful books out and highlighting them on a shelf on their own is a unique way to use your hobby as your décor. And, on an otherwise plain hutch or shelf, it adds a bit of personality and character.

Want to have a little fun with it? Pull a random assortment of colors, in a variety of tones for the each color, for an ombré effect or books that make the colors of the rainbow. The best part is that your favorite hardbacks will be close by whenever the reading mood strikes.

If you want to get really specific with your color choices or prefer vintage books, you can usually pick them up for a few dollars each at your local antique store—unless they are first editions, of course!

Paint the Inside of Your Front Door

If you love a good pop of color but aren’t sure about painting an entire room a bright color, try painting the back of your front door. It takes under an hour to throw two coats of paint on the door, which means it can easily be changed out in the future when your décor preferences change or when you decide to move out.

If you really want to get creative, you can use some painter’s tape to create a fun and unique pattern, making it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.