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About Basement Remodeling

Basements offer a one of a kind open door for a really terrific pummel redesign. Not at all like different territories of the home, storm cellars are not constrained to one particular reason; where rooms are for resting, bathrooms are for washing, and kitchens are for cooking, a cellar can be just about anything you can envision. With such a flexible zone, you’ll have a considerable measure of choices when you venture up to the plate. Picking the right use for your cellar is certain to up your normal and bring you and your family a lot of happiness, however be careful: lack of common sense can send you back to the burrow in a rush.

Basement Bars: Consistency Pays Off
Some players, while not known for hitting the ball out of the park, are prized nonetheless because of their extraordinary ability to get on base with consistency. When it comes to basement remodels, bars might not be the most extravagant option, but their mass appeal makes them a hit for a large percent of the population. Once sufficiently waterproofed and adorned with decorations that will not only look good, but will give the space a sense of individuality, basement bars often become favorite places to entertain as well as relax alone. Add a pool table, pinball machine, or a big screen TV into the mix and you’ve got a private hot-spot that your friends and family will be happy to occupy during the big game. (For those wine enthusiasts out there, a basement is a great place to store a serious collection because it is so easy to keep it at a consistent temperature; you can even compliment your new wine cellar with a tasting room to make it even more enjoyable!)

Hitting a Home Run with Basement Conversion
However you use your basement space, you won’t knock the ball out of the park without some serious planning. Some activities like woodworking or developing photographs might find a great home in a cellar, but plan on adding some extra ventilation so they can be done safely. If you’re going to turn your basement into a bar, you might plan on adding a half-bath and bar sink to make operations more convenient.

Pretty much any activity you can imagine taking place in your finished basement can be made more efficient (and sometimes safer) with the right plan. Often, hiring a designer to help you during the planning stages can be a huge benefit. The conception of an interior designer getting paid to make things look good is an incredible understatement. With training in design concepts and floor planning, and valuable advice concerning the materials you’ll be using, designers and draftsmen can help you create an effective space that can be used for whatever you like.

Sacrifice Plays: Short Sided Planning can Cost You in the Future
While a bunt or fly ball might be necessary to get your team into scoring position, in the home improvement world certain moves can sacrifice more than you might imagine. If this isn’t the last home you want to live in, turning your basement into something unusual might not be the best idea in the world. While most homebuyers will be rather impressed with a basement bar, home theater, or separate basement apartment, the ones who will go gaga over an in-house tattoo parlor will be far more limited. Designing with the future in mind is a must in a successful basement remodel, and alienating prospective homebuyers is a sure way to strike out when it comes time to sell. Though the immediate effects of a very specific remodel might be okay in the sort term, if you plan on selling in the future, it’s always good to go with a crowd pleaser!

Doubles and Triples: Basement Remodeling for Multiple Functions
You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket! By making sure that your basement isn’t a one-hit-wonder, the likelihood that your investment will be well used quickly multiplies. Creating a place where you can gather with friends and family as well as practice some putting or house a visitor from out of town will score you some points in a big way. Adding soundproofing to your basement can expand its uses without limiting its appearance. Soundproofed basements are great for practicing bands, operating power tools, and many other loud activities, but function just as well for a night of cards or board games.